Sunday, October 16, 2005

Jubah Jubah murah murah

Hey peeps! Yesterday I went out with my kaki clantong (My Clan). We break fast together at HAWA RESTAURANT near Kembangan MRT. Ate a little and then we went to geyang! Woohoo! Super damn HOT and HUMID!
I went there to look for my Raya clothes la... I was aiming for this couple set. $180 but very nice. My bestfriend wanted us to wear a set. Known her since I'm in Secondary 2 year 1998 till now 2005 but never ever wear the same. So tot of giving it a try this year.
While searching for a couple set, my frens and I came across this stall selling JUBAH. The guy selling it was shouting at the top of his lung, "Jubah jubah murah murah $20 $20"(over and over again).
I was laughing like crazy man! Y? Okay try saying that sentence over n over again and make sure u say it in a fast pace.....
Hah! What does it sound like? Jubo Jubo murah murah $20 $20.... Wahaha try it, its funny. Oh and one more thing, theres a new prata in town, its called PRATA TUMBUK! Wahaha yup only available in geylang(go there and find that stall urself)...

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